Healthy Earth

a Family Legacy of
Healthful Gourmet Snacking

For over 35 years, the family members behind Healthy Earth snacks have devoted themselves to bringing the freshest, most flavorful nuts, fruits and other delicious edibles to people who take their snacking very seriously. Their Old World commitment to their craft is evident in every step along the way – from farm to your table.

Unlike most purveyors of snacks in the American marketplace, which are small subsidiaries of vast corporate conglomerates, the makers of Healthy Earth snacks are a small, closeknit family that brings considerable care and expertise to every aspect of making and marketing the world’s finest snack blends. They choose only the absolute best nuts, fruits and seeds from the most favorable and fertile growing environments around the world. They preside carefully over ingredient processing, blending and packaging. They employ the strictest quality controls in storage and shipping to make sure your snacks provide happiness in every handful, wherever you enjoy them.

The result is the ultimate snacking experience. Healthy Earth snacks are power-packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and other healthful nutrients, and unparalleled in their robust flavor and peak freshness.

So go ahead, grab the goodness and celebrate in the peace of mind that comes with truly inspired snacking!

~ Happiness in Every Handful ~